We love plants! Already as children we tended the family gardens. The skills for creating floral compositions we have been forming over the years. We draw pleasure from dwelling in the green surroundings and we like sharing this passion. We are happy to design a terrace, a garden cafe, floral settings for a restaurant or a hotel. In these compositions nature is our inexhaustible source of inspiration. We believe that flowers adorn themselves

and our task is merely their skillful orchestration.



Birthday parties, anniversaries or the family garden parties – carefully selected flowers will provide the unique decoration for every occasion. We make original bouquets, natural floral compositions, floral arches,

and customized, unconventional floral arrangements.


Ingenious summer garden is a great showcase for the business place, attracting attention of the passers-by and giving pleasure to the guests within. We will design the hotel patio, as well as restaurant, garden or home terrace, so that it will become the attractive and unique space.


Plants have beneficial effects on our bodies, so it’s worth it to surround yourself with them everywhere. We will find the plants suitable for the particular interior which can transform your every day surroundings. We design floral setting for offices, hotels and for private spaces.



BRIEF: During the onset process, we appreciate when you approach us with a brief containing information on the location, type and the feel of the desired floral arrangement. Your inquiry receives an answer as soon as possible and not later than within three working days.


MEETING: In order to discuss the details and to get to know the space, we arrange a meeting, so that we can ascertain how to match the design with your preferences, ideas and expectations.


DESIGN: After the meeting, we prepare design proposals

for you to choose from. We present the projects at the next meeting. In the case of gardens design, this service

is paid, and the cost depends on the size and complexity

of the arrangement, as well as the date of its delivery.


CONTRACT: If you choose any of the proposals, we sign

the contract, and after receiving the advance payment

(50% of the final price), we proceed to work.

Delivery time depends on the scale of the order.


REALIZATION: After the arrangement is complete,

you receive an invoice, and you can regulate the remaining amount by the agreed payment deadline.