Made with the utmost attention to detail and originality, hand-made decoration is the flagship product of The Pretty Studio. Each project is unique. When designing decorations, we consider the specifics of the particular space and aim

to emphasize its virtues. Our work is also guided by the idea of sustainable design. We make it a point to up-cycle

and work with natural and ecologically friendly materials. We know how to create decoration out of the entirely offbeat products. We can decorate the space or the display window of a restaurant, boutique or prepare installations for your special event or reception. We will bring about a unique set design for a photo shoot or a fashion show.



Permanent or seasonal decorations that match the interior design. We specialize in suspended instalations composed of large number of hand-made elements. In addition we are equally happy to create minimalist solutions for alternative spaces and cater to various smaller projects. We design, realize and install our projects.


Artistic arrangements and decorations

for stores and boutiques. We offer projects

that are tailored to the individual branding strategy, emphasizing the attributes of the particular place and form a coherent whole with the product. Decorations complement the interior of your store and draw attention to the demanding customers.


Large-scale projects for commercial centers and malls. We do not abstain from challenges posed by large spaces or elevated heights.

We produce unique theme decorations

for commercial places, either seasonal

or permanent. Our projects meet the requirements of technical and construction regulations.


Unique sets for receptions, fashion shows

and corporate events. We design the scene, thematic interior decoration or transform

an open air set. We maintain the highest quality of product all under the pressures of time. We take care of details to provide the appropriate setting for the special occasion.


Sets for a photo or video shoot. We operate on offbeat ideas and solutions. What sets

us apart is the unconventional combination

of materials, objects and associations.

We give rise to unprecedented spaces.



BRIEF: During the onset process, we appreciate when

you approach us with a brief containing information

on the location, type and the feel of desired decoration.

Your inquiry receives an answer as soon as possible

and not later than within three working days.


MEETING: In order to discuss the details, we arrange

a meeting, so that we can ascertain how to match

the design with your preferences, ideas and expectations.


DESIGN: After the meeting, we prepare design proposal for you to choose from. This service is paid,

and its cost depends on the size and complexity

of the decoration, as well as on the date of its delivery.


PRESENTATION: We present the project to you

at the next meeting life or via Skype, where we can directly answer your questions.


CONTRACT: If you choose any of the proposals, we sign

the contract, and after receiving the advance payment

(50% of the final price), we proceed to work.


REALIZATION: The delivery time depends on the scale

of the order. After the decoration is installed, you receive

an invoice, and you can regulate the remaining difference

by the agreed payment deadline.