Pracownia Ładnie [praˈʦ̑ɔvʲɲa ˈwadʲɲɛ] – The Pretty Studio offers comprehensive decorating services.

Our handmade decorations stand out by the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail. We use unconventional materials and original techniques. Virtually anything can become decor in our hands. We follow the trends and observe our everyday surroundings: looking for inspiration in nature and technology, in the mundane and the extraordinary dimensions of reality. We understand each project as a new intriguing story in which we strive to express in our work.


Our hands transform various inspirations and concepts into decorative installations, set designs and floral arrangements. Our speciality is creating interior decorations – both seasonal and permanent – which are tailor-made to the particular spaces. We relish in ambitious challenges. The decorations vary from the large-scale installations to the smaller detailed forms. We design commercial sceneries, as well as avant-garde decorations for fashion and art settings.


The team is made up of three designers joined by the aesthetic approach to life, passion for art, design and nature. Our encounter resulted in creation of The Pretty Studio established in 2014. We believe that beautiful things are the fruit of passion. We are dedicated to our work as it is our true passion. Feel invited to work with us!


Let’s make it pretty together!


Loves fashion. She studied set design, but graduated with a diploma analysing social dimensions of fashion trends. Inspired by

Iris Apfel, she collects clothes in order to someday create a museum collection. Wherever she travels, she must visit a local flee market. At least one. Her house is filled with potted succulents, figs and palm trees that she truly adores. If she could, she would have the Studio moved to the heart of a tropical forest. However, she does not attach to places and finds most inspiration while travelling.


The humanist with an inclination for diagrams. She studied design, art pedagogy, and Romance languages, but abandoned universities to follow her own way.

She combines her passion for decoration with being the mom to Ula and Zosia… Keenly awaits every free moment! She does not like to look back but believes she should have been born in Scandinavia. She is an aesthete who matches even her cosmetics by the colour of their packaging. Never parts with her favourite pens and gets completely lost in stationery stores.


Trained as a philosopher she became

a designer by passion. She is interested in textile design, weaving and natural dyeing. Her absolute love is reserved for the Japanese aesthetics and Renaissance painting. Activist of the everyday environmentalism. She makes sure that the Studio’s recycling reaches 99%. A minimalist. When she remembers of free time, she is practicing yoga, watching Gilmore Girls for the hundredth time, or finds herself in Peru with her husband.